NEW TODAY: Biological mother of baby reported kidnapped 8 years ago speaks

Mugshot courtesy San Augustine Co. Sheriff's department
Mugshot courtesy San Augustine Co. Sheriff's department

SAN AUGUSTINE CO., TX (KTRE) - Child Protective Services in Houston has now taken custody of a child believed kidnapped by his babysitter 8 years ago.

The boy's biological mother, Auboni Champion-Morin said she was shocked to get the phone call.  "Overwhelmed because its been 8 years.  He made 8 on the first of March," said Champion-Morin.

Champion-Morin said she had left her then 8 month old baby boy with Krystle Tanner.  "I came back.  He was gone."

And, so was Tanner.  Gone for 8 years until this week when San Augustine County Sheriff's deputies arrested Tanner following an investigation into allegations made against Tanner in August 2011.

"The CPS investigation was conducted on Krystle Tanner concerning an allegation or report of negligence supervision of the children and perhaps physical abuse of this unknown male child that was reportedly living under her household," said Gary Cunningham, Chief Deputy, San Augustine County Sheriff's department.

Their investigation eventually led them back to Houston and the 2004 kidnapping allegations against Tanner.  Tanner was arrested for kidnapping on Monday.

"It wasn't like a stranger, no, I knew this family.  I spent time with them.  We had Thanksgiving and Christmas," said Champion-Morin.  "Krystle Tanner was my son's godmother."

Then Tuesday night another break in the case.  The suspect's sister contacted the Houston Police Homicide Division and said the missing child was in her possession and he was safe in Houston.

"We love him very much and we never gave up.  That's one thing I would never give up," said  Champion-Morin.

The mother is hopeful there will soon be a reunion with her son, Miguel Antonio Morin.  She said it is difficult not to see her son while CPS investigates.

CPS said a reunion of Miguel and his mother will not be possible until DNA confirmations are made to verify they are in fact, mother and son.

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