National Bike Month encourages safety among drives and bicyclists

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - May is National Bike Month and peopleare encouraged to get out and ride their bikes.

A vehicle-bicycle collision Sunday morninglanded Mark Dunn in a Tyler hospital.

"He's in good spirits and he'slooking forward to getting back on the bike when he can actually walk again,"said Jeremy Yancey, Executive Pastor Lufkin First Assembly.

The driver of the vehicle wasattempting to pass him in a no pass lane.

Friends feel carelessness caused theaccident that could have been avoided with a little extra focus.

"It's a result of things thathappen on the road, not paying attention, not having a focus on the road,"said Yancey.

While people are encouraged to get outand ride this month, TxDot Public Information Officer Kathi White sayseverybody has to work together to keep everyone on the road safe.

"Its about everybody beingattentive, don't get distracted when you're driving the vehicle, riding thebicycle or motorcycle you have to make that your focus," said White.

Jeremy Yancey is a friend of Mark Dunn's.Dunn encouraged him to start riding.

He says bicyclists share the sameresponsibilities as a driver.

"You've got to be verypredictable as a bicyclist you don't want to dart into traffic, you've got tobe predictable just like a driver needs to be predictable," said Yancy.

As a driver it doesn't hurt to double checkyour surroundings.

You never know what you might miss atfirst glance.

"You take that second look andyou go whoa where did they come from," said White.

There's safety in numbers, Yancey suggestsfinding a bike club to ride with.

"Ride with a group of people thatare more experienced and know the road so that you're not alone out there,"said Yancy.

Ultimately it comes down to sharing andbeing respectful of every type of vehicle on the road. That keeps everyonesafe.

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