Restaurant Report - Angelina - 12/6/12

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Fruitlandia Grocery/Deli @ 1907 N. Raguet: 19 demerits for improper temperatures, employees must wash hands after using restroom, remove expired food items from the shelves, outside storage building must be insect and rodent proof and thermometers needed in all freezers.

Polks #3 Grocery/Deli @ 6925 Hwy 69N: 18 demerits for improper temperatures, replace faucet in men's restroom, do not store food or single service items on floor, clean inside ice cream freezer, clean under shelves, clean under equipment, clean shelves inside pizza freezer, clean vent hood filters, repair ceiling in men's restroom, clean walls in restroom, back door must be insect and rodent proof, thermometers needed in all coolers and freezers, clean inside ice machine, store ice scoop properly and clean ice dispenser.

Subway @ 6925 Hwy 69N: 10 demerits for clean under equipment, clean under hand sink, remove expired food items, back door must seal around all edges, clean fountain drink ice dispenser, clean inside microwave, clean inside ice machine and store ice scoop properly.

Lufkin BBQ @ 203 S. Chestnut: 5 demerits for improper temperatures.

Sam's Bakery @ 407 N. Brentwood: 4 demerits for restore hot water to hand sink.

Sam's Club Meat market @ 407 N. Brentwood: 3 demerits for replace meat slicer blade and clean fan covers.

Betty's Catering @ 254 Farmer: 0 demerits.

Sam's Club Grocery/Produce @ 407 N. Brentwood: 0 demerits.

Sam's Club Cafe @ 407 N. Brentwood: 0 demerits.

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