Lemur who bit USPS mail carrier transferred to new facility

GRAPELAND, TX (KTRE) - Keanu, the pet lemur that bit a United States Postal Office employee earlier this month, has been transferred to a wildlife refuge.

Marla Reeves was on her last route of the day when Keanu jumped inside her car and bit her forearm and wrist. Deputies from Houston County's Sheriff's Department took Keanu to a Crockett Veterinary office where he was sentenced to a thirty day quarantine.

Chief Deputy G.P. Shearer says that Keanu will return home after his quarantine is complete.

"There are no laws governing a lemur. Possession, sale, distribution, transfer so it's legal to own a lemur, it doesn't fit in the dangerous animal category that the state has deemed," Shearer said.

Tammie Baughman, Keanu's owner, says she is so happy about the outcome.

"It's wonderful; we can see him as much as we want and he is so happy. He gets to run around and lay out in the sun. I am extremely happy. I thank everybody for their support with this. Everybody has been so kind. I hope Marla has a full recovery," Baughman said.

Reeves said she is disappointed with the outcome.

"I'm glad Keanu is at a refuge right now. But I figured he wouldn't return home. I'm a little surprised, but I'm not going to fight it. I want them to be happy," Reeves said.

Keanu will finish off his remaining days in quarantine at the wildlife refuge. He is expected to return home January 5, 2013. Baughman says she is installing new safety features in her home so that Keanu can't get out of his room on his own.

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