Nacogdoches businesses feeling the crunch now that SFA students are on winter break

Published: Dec. 21, 2012 at 11:48 PM CST
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NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - It's easy to see. North Street has been pretty quiet this week because Stephen F. Austin State University is closed for winter break, and classes won't resume until January. Some local business owners are finding their businesses to be pretty quiet, too.

"Well, the students are a big part of our business and also the professors. So, whenever they would leave town it definitely is a drought we see," Aaron Montes, the owner of The Barn, said. "Probably a 30 to 40 percent decrease during these times of year."

Other business owners are changing their game plan to keep sales up.

"I think that some businesses really cater the college and so those businesses definitely the waiters and all the staff they dwindle down," Maury Littleton, the owner of Party n' Things, said. "We cater to the college especially in the fall and a lot of parties are going on so we gear up for that; we change our hours towards the college. When the college leaves we change our hours to meet the community needs, so right now you know we don't have to stay open until ten or eleven at night because we don't have college parties coming in."

Littleton, has owned a party store in Nacogdoches for 25 years and understands how  things work this time of year in a college town.

"I think as a business what you have to do is you have to see it as two different businesses; your college business and your everyday business," Littleton said.

And that's exactly what Chilly Fillmore's is doing.

"We definitely get to see more of Nacogdoches as a community instead of sfa as a college, which is what we're all about is about being here for a Nacogdoches store not just an sfa store," Erin Bure, the manager of Chilly Fillmore's, said. "You get to see different communities come out and different people."

All of the businesses are trying to be successful this season. They say the best way is to find your niches for college customers and for the community.

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