Husband and wife medical team help others

Tents used for overflow
Tents used for overflow

TRINITY, TX (KTRE) - Husband and wife David and Connie Price are used to using their background in medicine at ETMC Trinity to help those in need, but helping others doesn't stop once they leave the hospital at the end of the day.

David Price, a physician assistant and his wife Connie, an x-ray technician, are a real-life medical team.

By day, the duo works long hours at ETMC Trinity, but at night they are parents to a son who has special needs.

"We have a son that is profoundly autistic and we started researching what he was going to do when he was an adult and we found that there are very few services in the state that gives adults not only a residence but day programs. So we just decided to start working on something and did a lot of research and we started it," said Connie Price.

The program started in 2010 and has quickly grown to include sixteen full-time attendees. The village gives those with special needs a chance to use their creativity in positive ways.

"We have a garden. They work in the garden. We have a kitchen set up where they actually prepare meals and make sure everyone is fed and cleaned up afterwards and we do have crafts that they work on and wood crafts and soon to be sewing," said Connie Price.

But that isn't the only thing the couple does. They are also members of the disaster medical assistance team and use their medical skills to help those affected by natural and terrorist disasters.

"You commit yourself to that two week period during that month that we're on call. It's a one-month period every three months. The thing about it is that they have all the equipment so if we get called up than we just take our personal uniforms and head out the door to whatever airport or wherever they tell us to go and they have the equipment for us to carry out our missions," said David Price.

In November, the couple traveled to New York to relieve hospitals overwhelmed with patients affected by Hurricane Sandy.

"One of the county hospitals there in long island was overwhelmed with patients because without electricity or gasoline their staff was short and they were also short on bed space. They went form a 300 capacity hospital to a 600 plus hospital and they were overwhelmed with it," said  David Price.

David says both organizations give them a sense of purpose and they love giving back to the community.

Connie says that her ultimate goal is to make inspiration village a residential place for those with special needs.

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