Ready for Tax-Free Weekend?

Many of you will be up bright and early in the morning ready to spend some cash, the tax-free weekend is almost here. The stores are prepared for the big crowds, they just hope you are too.

Lorraine Dorman said, "We want to get all our back-to-school shopping done before the tax-free weekend, just to beat the crowd."

While the Dorman family doesn't want to face the tax-free weekend crowd, for others the search is on, who's ready to find the big sales?

The stores sure are prepared for you.

Susan Coats, the Belk Store Manager in Lufkin, said, "We are treating this like it is the day after Thanksgiving. Tax-free in Texas is huge, we are staffing the store with more people, we are and stocking up on all of our supplies."

You might think picking out clothes is hard, but finding out what is and isn't on the tax free list maybe even more difficult.

Coats said, "Handbags and backpacks are not tax-free. However, ponchos, which is one of our little hottest items for the fall, this is clothing, something that you wear, so this is tax-free. Now, jewelry is not tax-free, so something like watches is not tax-free, however, shoes are tax-free."

The 8% save isn't worth it for everyone.

Dorman said, "I think there is less to choose from if you wait."

For some, the tax-free weekend is too good of a deal to pass up.

To find out what is and isn't tax-exempt go to