Preparation underway for Red Dirt Mud Run

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Saturday volunteers got their handsdirty setting up the course for the inaugural Red Dirt Mud Run in Nacogdochesnext month.

"It takes several weeks of guysout here building obstacles to get them ready and safe for everyone," saidRichard Shade, President Nacogdoches Jaycees.

The Nacogdoches Jaycees, a localservice organization, are hosting the run to raise money for area non-profits.

Officials say that mud runs are a popularhobby right now and they wanted to put a unique spin on a typical 5k race.

"Muddy obstacles, climbing overwall, crawling under stuff, everything but fire and electricity is fair game,"said Clayton Coulier, Environmental Consultant.

With obstacles such as climbing walls,mud pits and ice baths participants will have to start training in advance.

Organizers hope that preparation for the racewill promote a healthier community and get people excited about being active.

"They're going to start trainingtheir going to want to get in shape so they'll be active that one day but they'llbe active leading up to it," said Coulier.

Jaycees President Richard Shade saysthis type of mud race is usually only found in larger cities and they hope the rungive the oldest town in Texas some publicity.

"The run its going to benefit thecommunity by bringing revenue in and helping all the local businesses," saidShade.

Officials say that this is only the beginningand the mud is here to stay.

"The obstacles that we'rebuilding are permanent," said Coulier.

The Red Dirt Mud Run will be SaturdayApril 13th.

There will be three different heatsthat day and officials say the race is for every fitness level, just scale toyour abilities.

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