There's A Possible Explanation For Why Fewer Black Women Get Breast Cancer Than White women.

A genetic mutation linked to an aggressive form of breast cancer is four times more likely to show up in black women than in white women.

In the journal Cancer, researchers say it may explain why fewer African-American women get breast cancer than white women. But, a higher percentage of black women die from the disease. The study also found that tumors develop at an earlier age in black women.

In other news, nearly half of all medicare beneficiaries have an unfavorable view of the new medicare prescription drug law and that could impact their vote in the upcoming election., according to a new survey. The Kaiser Family Foundation and the Harvard School of Public Health report 90% of those surveyed don't think the law should be repealed. They think it will help some seniors, just not them.

Experts who worked on the study say the medicare issue could impact seniors' votes, favoring democrats in a close election.