Lufkin Residents voice their concerns to city officials

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - As Lufkin continues to grow and change many citizens have questions and concerns. One city councilman along with several city leaders want make sure the residents know their voices are heard loud and clear.

Despite the rain, crowds showed up to the 4th annual Lufkin Community Meeting hosted by City Councilman Robert Shankle.

The hope of the event was to start conversation between leaders and citizens.

Based on the discussions, the town hall did just that from fighting drugs to the future of the children of Lufkin.

"The police department can't solve those ills," said Lufkin Police Chief Scott Marcote in response to a question about drug problems. "We're just a band-aid on the bigger problem and that needs to come from the people in here."

"I want people to graduate with a diploma because that is important, but also have choices and opportunities to go to college or enter into the workforce," said Lufkin Superintendent LaTonya Goffney.

While some residents did not like some of the answers given, both sides thought the event was a success and needed.

"We want to talk to the leaders of the community to where they can hear our concerns and I think they will do that, said Shankle.

"It gave the people of the community a chance to share their concerns. It gave us the opportunity to give some feedback," said Deputy City Manager Keith Wright.

"We share the same concerns," said Mayor Bob Brown." It doesn't matter which part of the community you are in we want this to be a better place."

"I think this meeting was very informative and I think the people came together to give a voice to their concern," said Harvest Family Worship Center Pastor Kendrick Morris.

After the questions there were also signs of optimism.

"We want to be seen as a community," said one resident. "We need to elevate Lufkin."

Residents at the meeting were also able to fill out a survey to rate the performance of the city. These surveys along with the discussion will help officials make some changes.

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