'I'm sorry, Mommy!' Sabine Co. family urges caution after 3-year-old's close call

Published: Jul. 24, 2013 at 9:33 PM CDT|Updated: Jul. 24, 2013 at 9:34 PM CDT
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PINELAND, TX (KTRE) - An East Texas woman and her family were hoping to have a relaxing weekend vacation, but they say it could have ended in disaster when a 3-year-old girl found a pill on the floor of their hotel room.

East Texas News met with the family today and talked to the girl about what she has learned to do if she ever finds a stray pill again.

"I'm sorry, Mommy," Kylee said.

Three-year-old Kylee is still sorry for what she did at a hotel over the weekend, but her family is just grateful to have her alive.

"We started calling a friend of ours, and he was a paramedic and his words exactly was, 'If she would have eaten that pill it would have bottomed her sugar out,'" said Lisa Pate, Kylee's grandmother.

That pill is Glimepride, a drug used to fight high blood sugar.

Kylee was playing on the floor when she found the pill.

Not knowing if or how long she put the pill in her mouth, scared her mother.

"I was mad and upset and panicking; scared to death," said Aryan McGuire, Kylee's mother. "I went straight up there, and I was told to give her sugar, so I gave her orange juice and pudding and whatever I could."

An East Texas pharmacist said if a 3-year-old takes a pill meant for an adult, the results could be very dangerous.

"In the age three range," said Jane Ann Godsee, a local pharmacist. "That's approximately 12 times the adult dose. It could include everything from no harm all the way up to death."

So now, this grandmother is warning parents about the dangers inside a hotel room.

"If you have children, sweep that room from one side to the next," Pate said.

Godsee believes it can start before the vacation begins.

"Make sure that the children understand that it is a medication," Godsee said. "It's not candy; it's not something good."

Even though it was scary, Kylee now knows what to do.

"If you find something on the ground, give it to Momma or Daddy," Kylee said.

Pate said she talked to the front desk at the hotel, and a report was filed. She said the hotel did offer an apology.

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