Wells meeting about Catherine Grove gets heated

WELLS, TX (KTRE) - The Grove family has been camped out in Wells for the past 2 months trying to talk with their 26-year-old daughter, Catherine Grove, who left her life in Arkansas and move to Wells to join the 'Church of Wells'.

Thursday night, cameras were not allowed inside, as the Grove family held a public meeting at Falvey Memorial United Methodist Church where pastors from other area churches and the community were invited to come and hear the Grove's story.

There was standing room only at this meeting where Andy and Patty Grove took to the podium to tell the community their story and share the pain and hurt they feel not being able to reach out to their daughter.

The Grove's spent half an hour telling a crowded room their family background, Catherine's background and what they know of how their daughter came to Wells and what they have experienced since they arrived.

Catherine's mother, Patty Grove said,"We're just going to tell our story and we'll be here until we have some resolution."

When KTRE asked what resolution she was looking for, Patty responded with, "I don't know. Some answers. Some answers."

Patty says she wants to know, "why strange men would not want me or my husband or...family to have free access to talk to Catherine."

Patty says she and her husband have talked to Catherine but never by herself and she says they wouldn't be here if she didn't feel like something was wrong.

Senior pastor at Falvey Memorial United Methodist Church, David Goodwin, says they've had multiple requests from the community to have a meeting where they could hear the Grove's story.

Goodwin said under no circumstance would this meeting be a stage for people to promote any animosity they have towards the 'Church of Wells' or the Grove family.

"We understand that Catherine has chose to be where she's at," said Goodwin. "It doesn't change the sadness for this family and you know the primary concern is to console this family and to mend the communities hearts that are hearting for this child they believe is lost in this group."

For much of the meeting the audience remained calm until a representative from the 'Church of Wells' was invited to the podium to speak and answer questions.

Rick Trudeau, who is listed at the Deacon on the 'Church of Wells' website, stood at the microphone with Pastor Goodwin and fielded heated questioning from person after person.

One man in the meeting asked Trudeau: "Will you make the call and ask Catherine to come over here?"

The audience clapped loudly in agreement.

Patty chimes in saying: "I can tell you right now that's not going to work."

Trudeau answered the question with the following response: "Our desire is not to force Catherine to do anything against her will."

Trudeau also went on to say, "The truth of the matter is and what all the people of the 'Church of Wells' will tell you is that the Grove's have met with Catherine  for many hours with the church members there at  Catherine's request, at Catherine's request. Never forcibly. If she wanted to meet with them alone she was welcome to. It's always been her decision. And when the police came, they had a meeting with the Grove's with Catherine alone. We were fine with that. Catherine was fine with that, so therefore we were fine with it and just a few days ago, Catherine decided that she wanted to meet with her parents and Catherine and the elders of the church spoke with the Grove's and tried to make a meeting place at Catherine's desire to have their help and the Grove's actually refused."

A member of the audience then chimed in and said that he believed the reason the Grove family refused that meeting was because it was at one of the properties owned by the 'Church of Wells' and the Grove's have a no trespassing warning against them and would be arrested if they were to step onto their property.

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