Students reveal mixed reviews about SFA smart phone application

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - It's purple, user friendly and capable of handling technology from the modern generation. While the newest Stephen F. Austin University smart phone application is still in its first months, developers say they hope it broadens the universities reputation with city kids.

Yet, it's not making as big of a kick start with some students on campus.

"I haven't downloaded it because I honestly haven't even heard of it," Brady Dickens, a junior, said.

Despite the lack of advertising, developers say the app has a future.

"Ours was completely built on campus that someone developed from the ground up and it's tailored specifically to our students and what we think they need from an app," Jason Johnstone, the SFA webmaster, said.

Geared with the same technology you might see on other university smart phone app's, the SFA app offers campus maps, faculty directories, news and music.

And some students say they are really starting to like it.

"I like it. It's a freshman's god. I think it will really be good for freshman—new students and even like junior and seniors like myself," Alena Salinas said.

Developed by a former SFA student, Johnstone says this is actually the second version of the app, but they are looking on ways to work out the kinks and help it grow.

"Technology is always changing. One of the things we see a lot, especially now, is that students are always on their phones and whether they are using Facebook and whatever other applications they might have, we want to provide a way they can use their phone to make better use of their time at SFA," Johnstone said.

But reviews are still mixed.

"After I downloaded it, it looks pretty user friendly and there's a lot of sports information about it," Jeffrey Wesheit, a freshman, said.

"I haven't downloaded it because I've been too busy studying," Marnecia Davis, a junior, said.

Yet, some students say they have hope.

"I think it's a really good thing because here at SFA I can tell that we are trying to become bigger and better at everything in every aspect. We're trying to gain more spirit. We're trying to gain more traditions. I see things like the purple haze getting bigger and association and I see all these things happening so I think this is really a cool way  to draw people in and they can see traditions in an easy, and fast way," J.D. Rodgers, a junior said.

The app is available for free download on all apple iPhones and iPads and Android devices.

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