East Texas educators partner with businesses to develop curriculum for next school year

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Next school year highschool students can look forward to a few changes in the classroom that couldpotentially pave the way for their future.

"Every student hasdifferent desires and interests and now with house bill five teachers cantailor using plans based on each child and meet the job requirements in thatregion," said Trent Ashby, State Representative District 57.

Wednesday business andcommunity leaders came together to discuss implementing new graduationrequirements and curriculum to meet the standards of House Bill 5.

"House Bill 5 nolonger has the one graduation plan it has once foundation plan but has fivedifferent endorsements," said Mary Ann Whiteker, Superintendent, HudsonISD.

Superintendent, Hudson ISDMary Ann Whiteker says each student will have a specific focus and can choosefrom stem, business and industry, public service, arts and humanities andmulti-disciplinary study for undecided students.

The bill will reduce thenumber of end of course exams shifting student focus from testing to careerreadiness.

Community leaders discussed what skill setsbusinesses are looking for and what learning experience different businessescan offer students for life after high school.

"Curriculum must bedesigned around what their needs are so we are able to provide a quality workforce," said Whiteker.

Officials hopecommunication between schools and businesses will allow them to develop thebest courses for students in east Texas.

"We provide to thestate of Texas what we would like to see and how its presented rather than itcoming down from the top and being presented to us," said Jerry Huffman,President, Lufkin/Angelina County Chamber.

Students that choose totake algebra two have the opportunity to get a distinguished on their diploma,which would qualify them to be in the top ten percent of their class.

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