Parents rally for Peavy Primary principal at Hudson school board meeting

HUDSON, TX (KTRE) - A reassignment in the Hudson School District has caused an up roar from concerned parents.

Last Friday Peavy Primary Principal Tom Miller said goodbye to 720 students after being placed in a new position within the district.

Thursday night the school board met and parents went to voice their concerns.

"If your kids were in no imminent danger why was it necessary to remove him in the middle of the semester," said Karrie Stanaland, Hudson ISD parent.

Many parents attended Thursday's meeting hoping to voice their concerns but after six minutes, their time was cut off.

"Six minutes isn't a very long time and there's a lot of us that have a lot to say," said Stephanie Clifton, Hudson ISD parent.

And after the public forum, the meeting continued with the regular agenda leaving the parents with their questions unanswered."

"We've have lost trust we have lost confidence in the position of superintendent to make the right decisions," said Stanaland.

In a previous interview with Hudson ISD Superintendent Mary Ann Whitaker told KTRE, Miller has been reassigned to a new district wide position.

"Mr. Miller has been asked to assume a district-wide position that is going to monitor an RTI (Response to Intervention) programs and our FO4 programs, which are programs designed for students, to ensure that we have them where they need to be, providing the right programs, monitoring the curriculum, their instruction and making sure that we have all the data and reports that everything is in place to follow those students," Whitaker said.

But parents are questioning why that transition was made in the middle of the school year.

"According to the district website there's nothing that will precede the safety of our student or disrupt the school if not necessary," said Stanaland.

Parents describe Mr. Miller as a good man, a leader, that was loved by all the students at Peavy Primary and believe his influence will be missed.

"The kids that depended on Mr. Miller to brighten their day and provide them with daily guidance will be the kids that suffer the most," said Clifton.

The next Hudson School Board meeting is set for March 20th and many of the concerned parents are planning on attending to voice their views and concerns.