SFA cancels logo unveiling

Published: Mar. 27, 2014 at 1:57 PM CDT
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Source: Facebook page
Source: Facebook page

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - There are a lot of Stephen F. Austin State University students, alumni, and fans saying 'axe' the new university logo.

The logo you see here was scheduled to be unveiled before students today. Marketing experts quickly "axed" the event. As it turned out, firm got blindsided by very outspoken critics.

"The new logo?" said George Elking, an SFA student from Plano. "Well, I actually like how the new logo looks."

"I guess it wouldn't matter, but I like the one we already have," said Winifred Page, an SFA staff member.

The debate is on. Stick with the old logo or march on with the new one? The opinions came out in a big way when a student caught an image last night of marketing experts setting up for today's logo unveiling. Texts, tweets, even an online petition opposing the logo that critics call boring and plain were launched. The outcry may be too late.

The new logo was already on the cover of the SFA publication, "Sawdust," as well as in ads inside "Texas Monthly. This magazine has been on the stands for over a week. While it's a wonderful marketing tool, it simply can't match the power of an iPhone in a college student's hands.

"I'm a little surprised by it," Chuck Carlberg, a logo creative team leader for Richards/Carlberg, a marketing firm. "I'm not overly surprised by it. Students are students."

But, they're vocal enough to influence the cancellation today's logo unveiling. The official statement by decision makers is they didn't want to diminish the recent success of our SFA basketball team. Students say the damage has already occurred.

"The shape of Texas is clearly wrong to begin with," said Victoria Woolfore, an SFA student from Plano.

"Google a map of Texas and you can see the logo fits exactly on the state of Texas," Carlberg said.

And marketing researchers say its target group of high school students had trouble with the old logo.

A random stop of a couple of high school UIL competitors proved the theory right.

"They would see a 'nine f-a' or a 's-e-a,'" Carlberg said. "I like the new logo a lot better."

The logo's development cost around $14,000. That's not including the cost of a phased rollout of all the places where the old logo is found.

"We wasted money on something nobody is pleased about," said Myra Wilkerson, an SFA student from Houston.

Not necessarily.

"It's plain and boxy looking, but I like the simplicity behind it, so I don't know," Elking said.

"I don't come to this school for a logo. I come to the school for an education."

Below are some comments on Twitter about the leaked image:

"The new SFA logo is fundamentally flawed with a misshapen Texas. No wonder there is so much hate for it."

"That new SFA logo looks like it was made by a 2nd grader..."

"This new SFA logo is a joke right? It'll go away on Aprils fools day right?"

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