Restaurant Report - Angelina County - 8/28/14

Area Lakes, 1409 E. Denman Ave.: 12 demerits for cold hold, freezer must be stored indoors, adequate lighting required, remove household freezer.

Polk's #20, 2400 E. Denman Ave.: Seven demerits for remove expired food and medications from shelves, do not store SSI on the floor, do not store toxics with SSI.

Rizzo's, 119 S. First St.: Four demerits for paint bare wood, baseboards needed, no jewelry allowed.

Airport Cafe, 800 Airport Rd.: No demerits.

Burger King, 209 Timberland Drive: No demerits.

Grandough Bakery, 1705 Feagin Drive: No demerits.

Target Snack Bar and Grocery, 4200 S. Medford Drive: No demerits.

Fuel City Grocery, 1920 E. Denman Ave.: No demerits.

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