Angelina County Receives 5,000 Flu Vaccine Doses

5,000 doses of the flu vaccine arrived in Angelina County and already it has been distributed. 4,600 doses were distributed to local physicians. That leaves only 400 for the general public. And residents were lining up to claim them.

Those shots were administered at the Angelina County and Cities Health District. Children and the elderly were given top priority. All were thankful that they were able to get the shot.

Even with the extra doses, health officials say there is still a shortage here in East Texas.

Sharon Shaw, with the health district, said, "The Texas Department of Health distributed this group of vaccines. 5,000 is certainly not enough to cover the entire community, but it's better than what we had, we're anticipating that we'll have more. The flu is not as widespread as anticipated. Although it is a slow start, but that's no reason folks shouldn't get their flu vaccine and follow all precautionary measures."

The actual peak of flu season won't hit until February.