Holiday Travel Trends With Lower Gas Prices

by Chris Cato

You may have noticed an increase in traffic on the roads lately, with people going shopping for Christmas gifts, buying those last minute decorations, or just heading out on their daily commute. One of their trips is getting a little less painful to their wallets, though, and that's the trip to the gas station.

While filling up her car, Frankie Landers said, "I love it! I love it, because I do a lot of driving. Yeah, so a $1.84, that's great."

People getting ready to travel out of town for the Christmas holidays say falling gas prices are a blessing that's come just in the nick of time, but travel agents we spoke with say, even with the lighter prices at the pump, people are flying more.

Julie Wall, owner of All Travel in Lufkin said, "When they weigh out the convenience of driving 16 hours vs. flying for two hours, it kinda outweighs the gas prices."

Even if they aren't traveling far this holiday season, some motorists say the lower prices are a huge help when it comes to the daily grind.

Landers said, "Every morning, I have to take my little girl to the bus stop. Every evening, I have to pick her up. I love it."

It's too early to tell if the trend of dropping gas prices will continue, but for now, drivers can smile as they fill their tanks.