David Stua challenges four-term Kenneth Timmons for Angelina Pct. 2 County Commissioner seat

David Stua challenges four-term Kenneth Timmons for Angelina Pct. 2 County Commissioner seat

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - A Republican Angelina County man new to politics is challenging the Democratic incumbent for the county commissioners seat that he has held for four consecutive terms.

Democrat Kenneth Timmons is running for his fifth term as the Precinct 2 County Commissioner, but he has a challenger in Republican David Stua.

Precinct 2 is the smallest in the county with the least amount of road to maintain, but Timmons said during his time as commissioner there have been significant improvements to the streets.

"We've done a great deal of work in Angelina County," Timmons said. "The roads in my precinct have improved quite a bit since I took over. and we'll continue work the roads and continue to do things that the community wants to do.

Stua holds a master's degree in management and bachelor in business.

He has gained attention in the county over the years for submitting thousands of open records requests seeking information in various legal matters.

Stua said he has a lot of ideas he wants to bring to county government to make it more accessible to the public, starting with a time change.

"There is some issues that need to be improved here. There needs to be more public participation in the county's business. The commissioners meet at 10  a.m. every time and most people are off working and they never have a chance to come in and voice their concerns," Stua said.

Stua also wants to have more clear agendas and microphones, so those attending the meetings can understand what's happening in the meeting.

"If you don't know what they're talking about on the agenda, you don't know whether it applies to you, so it might be something that you have big interest in" Stua said.

Timmonss said he has proven that he can work with all kinds of people toward common goals, has a record of making progress in the county, and wants to keep that going.

"What we're going to do in the next term is keep going what we've been doing except get better cooperation with each elected official. I think the county needs that very much." Timmons said. "We need to be able to understand one another because the county does not work like the city."

However, one thing both candidates agree on is taxes.

"I really want to be a guardian of not increasing taxes if at all possible while still delivering good, effective, and efficient services to the residents of this county," Stua said. "Not many people show up to protest tax increases and their concerns. A lot of people don't even know the commissioners and what they do, but they're very important because they're the ones that set the budgets, and that means that they tell each elected official how much money they have and what they can spend it on, so they need to be making good choices about that."
"We've kept the taxes down and reasonable. If you've checked other counties outside, you'll find that their taxes are more expensive than ours," Timmons said. "Check my record. I'm running on my record. My record has proven that I'm able to work with all people. It's also prove that we built a jail during my term, and that came in below budget and on time."

"Vote their conscience and vote on the record and moral character of each individual that's running," Timmons said.

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