Lufkin woman wins free cruises and bonds by teaching bridge

Lufkin woman wins free cruises and bonds by teaching bridge

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Bobbi Robinson is a Life Master in bridge, a complex card game requiring logic and reasoning to win tricks and trump.   Miss Bobbi says, this game unlike the types played by this generation, is a cerebral sport.

"I took my first bridge class and then went back to the dorm, and the rest is history,"said Miss Bobbi. "It was a concentration game. It developed critical thinking, and partnership skills."

Something she and recent studies say children could benefit from.  Miss Bobbi is also a retired math teacher.  

"In this generation with all the computers, the young children are just interested in their handheld devices and the mindless games on TV," said Miss Bobbi. 

She's not against technology.  Miss Bobbi plays bridge on her desktop with friends from all a cross the nation. There are other reasons Miss Bobbi never passes on a game of bridge.  After reaching Life Master level, Miss Bobbi has been invited to several cruises around the world to teach bridge with all expenses paid.  

"We went to Egypt, got to see the Sphinx, and ride the camels," said Miss Bobbi. 

She says being able to combine her two favorite hobbies, cruising and playing bridge, has been a grand slam. 

Even after trips across the world, there is one reason why bridge is dear to Miss Bobbi's heart. After losing her father, she could always remember their time playing this game as a family.

"The next morning, I lost him, but it was something my dad and I had," said Miss Bobbi.  

She plans to teach hergrand kidss the game to keep the tradition going.  Though it takes focus, she thinks they'll be happy to learn. 

"At Nona's house, we play games, and I want them to remember that part of their childhood."

With bridge as a hobby, a way to bond,  and a way to take frequent trips, Miss Bobbi is satisfied with the cards, she's been dealt.

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