East Texas students settle QVC moon controversy

East Texas students settle QVC moon controversy

HUNTINGTON, TX (KTRE) - You wouldn't expect it, but QVC the shopping network sparked a conversation that was "out of this world."

What exactly is the moon?

East Texas News headed to Huntington High School to look for answers, and student after student, they all agreed on one thing.

"I think it is just a moon because a moon has its own characteristics," said Huntington High School student Grace Korn.

On the other end of the grade spectrum, the Huntington fourth graders had a couple of different answers.

"I think it's a planet," said one Huntington fourth grader.  "A star," said another fourth grader.

The children were thrown for a loop by a suggestion that the moon could just be a moon.

In the middle of my quest to find out the answer to this question, I found Science on Wheels!

I had a good feeling our answer would be found inside this traveling science bus. Huntington fifth grade science teacher Kim Matchett was excited to get her kids involved as well.

"Outside today we have the Trailblazers, the T.A.M.E. Trailblazers," said Matchett "It is the only hands-on science museum on wheels in Texas."

The kids were able to operate several different science activities inside the bus and Trailblazer facilitator V.J. Willis had the information we had been looking for all day.

"Contrary to common misconception, the moon is not a star or a planet… it is a moon," Willis said. "It orbits a planet."

So now, we know for sure. It is not a star, it is not a planet, and it's definitely not made out of cheese. The moon is simply a moon.

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