Still no resolution for Department of Homeland Security budget

Still no resolution for Department of Homeland Security budget

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Right now, tension is growing on Capitol Hill as approving legislation to fund the Department of Homeland Security is inching closer to the midnight deadline, and it all started over immigration reform.

"This president didn't even have the gumption to write an executive order and sign it. He spoke his amnesty law into being," U.S. Rep Louie Gohmert, R-Tyler said on the floor of the House chamber, according to the Associated Press.

Back in January, Gohmert, along with most of his Republican colleagues approved a DHS budget, but stripped out Obama's executive order to help millions of undocumented immigrants.

SFA Professor Dr. Don Gooch explained the Republican's want to use the budget to send a statement to the White House that the President was over-reaching with his executive order.

"The Republicans didn't like that there was an argument that this was beyond the scope of what we call prosecutorial  discretion," Gooch said.

"You have far too much power. We can't let you destroy the constitution any further!" Gohmert said.

With the deadline looming, the House tried to pass a continuing resolution that would temporarily fund the department for three weeks, giving both sides more time to hash it out.

"It doesn't change the dynamic," Gooch said. We still have to come up with this budget, we still have to come up with the funding for Homeland Security."

It failed 224-203, according to the Associated Press. Meanwhile, the Senate approved a clean bill that would fund the DHS but separate the immigration issue.

"The conservatives say hold his feet to the fire and don't accept this clean bill," Gooch said.

It seems like both sides aren't giving up.

U.S. Senator John Cornyn, R of Texas, released the statement today saying,"We will continue to fight to stop the president's illegal, unilateral changes to immigration policy, standing with the American people and fighting for the Rule of Law in the face of the president's lawlessness."

"They have this sort of battle over policy," said Gooch.

Gooch says the local effects of a shutdown wouldn't be huge, but it would deny pay to 26,706 DHS personnel in Texas alone. As the battle continues, the funds will dwindle to none if no agreement is reached by midnight.

"The modern filibuster isn't like the one on 'Mr. Smith goes to Washington'," Gooch said.

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