Man dead in officer-involved shooting at Onalaska convenience store

Source: KTRE staff
Source: KTRE staff

ONALASKA, TX (KTRE) - A man has died after engaging in a shootout with Onalaska police officers at a convenience store Tuesday afternoon. Onalaska dispatch received a call early Tuesday afternoon regarding the local Valero convenience store.

Mayor Roy Newport confirmed three officers were involved in a shootout with a man with a shotgun.

"Our patrol officer responded to a man in the parking lot with a gun," said Newport. "Shots had been fired."

The Onalaska patrol officer was the first to arrive at the scene, in need of backup.

"She took a shot to the car, before she got out," said Newport.

Newport explained that when backup arrived they, the firing had yet to cease.

"They took defensive positions and returned fire," Newport said.

Emergency medics arrived to the scene of the shooting soon after the shots finished. The man was hit by gunfire from the officers and later died at a Livingston hospital.

"This is what keeps a mayor, chief of police, and fire department up all night worrying about what could happen," said Newport. "We're a six man force, and we're a little short handed right now."

The mayor explained that during fatal situations like this one, the Onalaska police department appreciates the help from fellow East Texas law enforcement.

"We had a tremendous turnout from our county and state officials," said Newport. "They have kind of taken over, the Rangers, doing the investigation. Our officers are involved so they can not do their own investigation."

According to the mayor, the county is loaning the city patrol cars and officers to maintain the order of the Onalaska Police Department, while the investigation continues.

All three officers suffered superficial wounds related to the shotgun fire and two patrol cars suffered damage. Newport said the officers will be back to work on Wednesday.

The man's identity has not yet been released.

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