Church of Wells responds to Grove's exit

Church of Wells responds to Grove's exit
KTRE Viewer: Grove and Church of Wells member before 911 call
KTRE Viewer: Grove and Church of Wells member before 911 call
Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

WELLS, TX (KTRE) - An elder with the Church of Wells says Catherine Grove left the church on her own will, but they want her to come back to Wells.

Elder Jacob Gardner said Grove "left with a bitterness in her heart for the Lord."

Gardner said he did not communicate with Grove before she left, but that the Church is praying for her and praying "God has mercy on her."

"She came and left on her own will," Gardner said. However, KTRE viewers submitted a  picture of Grove arguing with a Church of Wells member moments before she made a 911 call.

Gardner said Grove called one of the female members of the church on ,and they have been in communications. He said he hopes the member can convince Grove to come back to the Church.

The town of Wells has one light, and it is a close community.

"It's hard to imagine, and it's hard to believe," said Robin Bridges, a Wells resident and friend of the Grove family.

All the residents East Texas News talked to Friday knew the story of Catherine Grove, and most of them referred to the Church of Wells as a cult.

"You have these strangers moving into town and you want to welcome them, then these rumors come with them," Bridges said. "There are mixed reactions."

Those in the community say they are happy that she has returned home.

"I don't think anybody knows all the details," Bridges said.

"I think most of them are looking at is as certainly a break through in this whole scenario," said Jim Maddox, another friend of the Grove family.

He allowed Grove's parents to stay on his property while they were in town trying to take her back home.

Those who have talked to Grove's parents say they are joyful and had a home-cooked meal waiting on her.

"The joy, the happiness that you can hear in his voice," Bridges said.

"This is not the victory because now she has all these things programmed in her head," Maddox said.

There are many questions left unanswered.

"There are other parents that still have children in this," Maddox said

"As a community, we all want peace," Bridges said.

Grove made headlines when she joined the Church of Wells in 2013 and broke off communications with her family.

Grove re-joined her family Friday morning after she called 911 while walking on US Highway 69 in Angelina County.


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