Trinity Sheriff's Department offers incentives for drug dealer info

Published: Apr. 21, 2015 at 10:25 PM CDT|Updated: Apr. 21, 2015 at 10:28 PM CDT
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The Trinity County Sheriff's Office has taken to their Facebook page to reach their community. Yesterday, they posted something that got a lot of attention.  It gives residents incentives to help authorities get drug dealers off the streets.

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"Everybody watches Facebook," said Woody Wallace, Trinity County Sheriff. 

"I saw the post on Facebook," said a person cooperating with enforcement. 

The post said, "Turn in your drug dealer, and we will pay you five hundred dollars.  We will also help you get into a program to help you stay off drugs."

"I thought, well I could make 500 bucks and get me some help," said the anonymous source. 

"We came to them and said here is your way out," said Wallace.  

The Trinity County Sheriff says they believe the use of Facebook keeps the lines of communication opened between everyone. The county's authorities have made several pursuits in the past years, but they are still trying to minimize drug activity. 

"It's probably the quickest way to get your message out instantly," said Wallace. 

We were able to talk to one person who came forward and took the offer on the post. The person admits there are many ways to get drugs in the county. 

"Drugs are everywhere here, you can find them everywhere and everyone can get them," said the source. 

The person also admits that dealers and users watch the page.  

"If you have drug dealers that are being arrested, they get out, you don't know if they're snitching on you," said the source.

"We're just trying to find different ways to catch drug dealers and help the people who want off the dope," said Wallace. 

The person says users and dealers will probably be coming forward after the post.  

"Everybody's going to be talking because everybody wants to get out of trouble," said the source. 

Wallace says most users don't want the opportunity for sobriety, but they can't say it wasn't offered. 

"We're going to catch you eventually and we have lots of people willing to work with us," said Wallace. 

Wallace says several people have already responded to the post willing to cooperate, and they intend to continue making drug arrest in the near future.

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