Pro-active Trinity Police Chief responds to officer shootings

Updated: Sep. 1, 2015 at 2:29 AM CDT
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Trinity Police Chief Jones and Officer Givens
Trinity Police Chief Jones and Officer Givens

TRINITY, TX (KTRE) - A popular East Texas police chief is speaking out after a Harris County Sheriff's Deputy was killed "execution style" on Friday. The suspect, Shannon J. Miles, appeared in court today and now faces capital murder charges.

Chief Steven Jones of the Trinity Police Department said he'll continue his pro-active stance that 'ALL LIVES MATTER' not only to protect his officers but the entire community.

Members of law-enforcement returned to the streets disheartened after Harris County Sheriff's Deputy Darren Goforth lost his life last Friday.

"Seven law enforcement lives taken now I believe within the past 8-9 days. Seven," Jones said.

The execution style shooting of a fellow officer while he pumped gas is forever ingrained in their memories and has forever changed the simple task of getting gas.

"There's been things happened, and I'm like oh man that was close. It could have been me," Jones said.

After a picture posted by Trinity Police Chief Steven Jones and Officer Givens received national attention, they've been invited on national newscasts to speak on recent incidents.

"From there, we've been asked our opinion on other things," Jones said.

Though he's strived to take a pro-active stance in his own community, we asked Jones his thoughts on heightened tension recent incidents and movements have brought to life.

"A lot of officers are going to start hesitating on doing their jobs because they're scared of making a split second decision," Jones said. 
"It's a split second decision that they have to make. They have to decide whether they die or that person dies, most of the time based on the actions of that person."

A Trinity officer made a split decision just Saturday night.  Officer Wheeler pulled his gun during a traffic stop. From the dash cam video, it looks as though Wheeler was acting aggressively.

"He had a pistol in the seat of the car. The guy actually reaches for it," Jones said.

That suspect, who was later charged with several felonies, could be seen reaching for his gun on a body cam. Jones said some movements are gearing anger toward officers as a whole.

"There are good officers and there are bad ones. They will be dealt with," Jones said.

Jones said movement leaders must gain control of those involved in the movements and send clear messages.

"Now that the murder of Deputy Goforth and the others has happened, you can't back up and say that's not what we meant," Jones said.

When asked his feelings after several officers have fallen, Jones said, "Yes, I do have the fear in the back of my head of my children or family and wife not having me around."

Deputy Goforth was also a father. He leaves behind two children. As of now more than 120-thousand dollars has been raised for Goforth's family.

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