SFA students agree with study that student pot use is at all time high

SFA students agree with study that student pot use is at all time high

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - For the first time in history marijuana use surpassed cigarettes use among college students, according one national study. 
Stephen F. Austin State University students said the findings in the study are true on their campus as well.

Cigarette smoking for college students, according to the University of Michigan study, has lost its spark.

"In the past years, I've seen a shift in the attitude towards cigarettes from cool and accepted to gross," said an SFA student who interviewed anonymously.

The study revealed a steep drop from 19% in 1999 to 5% today.

"I think if you go back in history and look, many people smoked cigarettes, and they didn't feel like it had harmful effects either," said Phyllis Grandgeorge, the Executive Director at A.D.A.C.

The numbers paint a picture of today's "Higher Education" with pot use passing cigarette use for the first time. Over at SFA, Jacks agree.

"Marijuana use has definitely increased, and I would say it's a safer alternative to tobacco use," said an SFA student.   
"I would say that it's a high usage rate."

The study attributes the shift to media. Both advocates and non-advocates approve of that theory.

"In movies and comedy shows people are smoking marijuana. It's trendy," Grandgeorge said. 
"It's less demonized and a lot friendlier viewed by the media, said an SFA student.

Students also shared the thought that pot isn't dangerous.

"There is over the entire 3000 years of cannabis use...no record of health problems aside from memory loss," said one student. 
"I don't think that we will ever find that marijuana is more harmful than cigarettes."

"It has carbon monoxide and tar, more so than cigarettes. They are maybe not educated about that," Grandgeorge said.

When asked if rolling up joints could hinder students from receiving that rolled degree, they said it just depends on the person.

"When you use it in excess, it has effects on your cognitive abilities and your ability to multitask," said a student. 
"There are people that can handle it and people that can't."

"It's dependent on the person how the marijuana affects them scholastically."

Grandgeorge said as with cigarettes, only time will show the affects.

"I think we will see that in many years like tobacco smoking there has to be lawsuits before people stop," Grandgeorge said.

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