Lufkin residents pack downtown to honor law enforcement

Lufkin residents pack downtown to honor law enforcement
Source: KTRE staff
Source: KTRE staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - With only a couple of days to plan, the City of Lufkin held a ceremony for officers that was well received by the community.

"The City of Lufkin is proud to stand with law enforcement," Mayor Bob Brown said as he read an official proclamation to open the event.

The event was represented by at least one vehicle from every law enforcement agency in the county.

"It's amazing to see the community come out in such a short notice to support law enforcement," said Lufkin Police Chief Gerald Williamson. "It is time we stand up as a community on this issue. We are in the greatest nation on the earth, and we have the best law enforcement."

The event had speeches by Williamson as well as prayers by area pastors.

"In Romans, he calls you a minister of justice," said Dr. John Greene, he senior pastor of Harmony Hill Baptist Church, said. "We grieve today that a man has fallen. It is time the church steps up and does what we are supposed to do and honor our law enforcement."

:"This is not a racial issue," the Rev. M.E. Lyons said. "This is not a cultural issue. This is not an environmental issue. It is a spiritual issue. We need to remember Deputy Goforth and his family right now."

The stage was also shared by Mary Lynn Williamson, wife of Chief Williamson, who shared thoughts from wives of Lufkin police officers.

"I see you put on your badge everyday, and I see you put your gun to your belt, and I wonder especially now, what's going to happen," Williamson said. "We will not let them take our security and piece of mind. We all matter to someone."

Missing was the Lufkin Honor Guard. Around 6:45 a.m. Friday, the group of officers joined other officers from North East Texas and drove to Houston to attend Goforth's funeral.

"We are thinking of our family down in Houston," said Tyler Police officer Don Martin. "We're brothers and sisters in blue, and we wanted to show East Texas cares about what happened in Houston."

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