Huntington's Jeremiah Robertson expected to lead in a big way: 'We go as he goes'

Huntington's Jeremiah Robertson expected to lead in a big way: 'We go as he goes'

HUNTINGTON, TX (KTRE) - Huntington has had a great start already getting a win under their belts for a 1-1 season. The Red Devils won just three games in the previous four seasons and new head coach Brian Gandy is looking to revive the football program.

Gandy has got a jump start in changing things around for Huntington with a 14-0 shutout on Hardin last week. While it's been a team effort, there's been a lot of help from senior leader and three-year starter Jeremiah Robertson.

In the past two games the running back has carried 59 times for 379 yards and three touchdowns.

"He's been doing it with his actions for two years but this year he's stepped up and been a little more vocal which I've talked to him about and the other coaches have to," said Gandy. "I told him, 'We go as you go. If you're going good, then this team's going good. If you're down, then these kids are down.' As long as I can keep them up and keep them energized, everybody's behind him and we're going to be successful."

The leadership role is exactly what Robertson is looking to hold with his team, and it's not too heavy of a weight to carry.

"I love it. People look up to me and it pushes me to go get better every day and strive to be that leadership role. I like it a lot," said Robertson.

Huntington has laid the foundation to start accumulating the building blocks of team history. The Red Devils will hit the road looking to add another milestone in the right direction Friday against Houston Scarborough. The game starts at 7:30 p.m. at Houston Scarborough.

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