Lufkin business owner is "Nuts" over new bookstore

Lufkin business owner is "Nuts" over new bookstore
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - If you've been in search of a local bookstore in Lufkin, before September 1st, you may have been out of luck. However, it's a void one self-described book nut is hoping to fill.

It's called The Thrifty Book Nut, a unique name with a unique take on a traditional business.

"Well thrifty comes from the fact that I offer my books at a much lower price than half-price," said Jason McLaughlin, owner of The Thrifty Book Nut.

Here's how it works. If you bring in a book valued at $4, but say you want to buy a book in-store that's been marked down to $4, your total price would be $2.

"It's from observing what other book stores were doing as well as a lot of the places that I know of have been going under," McLaughlin said.

As it stands, The Thrifty Book Nut is the only bookstore in Lufkin.

"I decided to open here in Lufkin first because this is where I'm from; I was actually raised here in Lufkin, so I felt like I needed to do it here," McLaughlin said.

It's a decision appreciated by many local bookworms in search of their next good read.

"Yes, I love to read so I'm really excited for them and I'm excited for Lufkin," said Midge Lee, who welcomes the new bookstore.

Lee's lived in Lufkin for over 50 years and has seen bookstores come and go.

"It's wonderful. We lost so many bookstores through the years so it's wonderful that we've got a place that we can come and buy and trade our books and I love it, it's so organized," Lee said.

The Thrifty Book Nut offers more than just books though. They offer movies, CDs, and audio books, all eligible for the unique trade-in.

McLaughlin has plans to open more 'Thrifty Book Nut' locations all across East Texas - the second of which will be in Nacogdoches. He says the trade-in method will be accepted at all locations.

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