Deep East Texas Crime Stoppers searching for wallet thief

Deep East Texas Crime Stoppers searching for wallet thief
Source: DETCS
Source: DETCS

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - It's a scene that's been played out many times, like in one Deep East Texas Crime Stoppers video. As a lady walks to her car, she drops her wallet.

And it's what one man did next that has police calling foul.

He picked up the wallet and put it in his truck. Police later found that man but need your help finding another one.

A customer set her wallet down at a local tobacco store to pick up her purchases and left it there. A man that was also inside the store took it.

"That's theft. That's outright theft. If you intentionally appropriate property that doesn't belong to you without the consent of the owner, then that's theft," said Corporal Randy Brooks with the Lufkin Police Department.

So what would you do if you saw someone drop their wallet? Finder's keeper's right?

"That's absolutely wrong. The days of finder's keepers have never been right," Brooks said.

It's a matter of morals for some East Texans.

"It's being honest, and I'm an honest person; I would want a person to do the same for me if I had dropped my wallet," said Agnes Tilley, an area shopper.

"'Sir, you dropped your money, or you dropped something or ma'am you dropped something.' Yes, that's only right," said Jonelle Mitchell, another shopper.

They say it's only right to return it, and authorities say it's against the law if you don't.

"You have your driver's license, your Social Security card and many other forms of identification in your wallet, not necessarily credit cards, just forms of identification, and if someone is in possession of that without your consent, then that is a felony," Brooks said.

Police describe the suspect in the video as a tall black man.

He was last seen wearing a white T-shirt with and red basketball shorts.

If you have any information on where he may be, call the East Texas Crime Stoppers.

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