Lufkin counselor deems alleged Polk Co. sex assaults sadistic

Lufkin counselor deems alleged Polk Co. sex assaults sadistic
Dr. Debra Burton (Source: KTRE Staff)
Dr. Debra Burton (Source: KTRE Staff)

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - After the arrest of former Sweeny ISD officer Mark Hamilton, came the arrest affidavits detailing gruesome accusations of sexual assault.

"One of the things that they want to do is be dominant. They want to control. They really want to have mastery over their victims," said Dr.Debra Burton, a licensed marriage and family counselor.

The arrest affidavits described Hamilton, a man sworn to protect and serve, as what experts describe as a sadist.

"I'm not going to say that you can always see it coming," Burton said.

Burton offered a deeper look into th ealleged abuse that involved handcuffs, neck ties, firearms, and other tools of restraint.

"They want complete control and dominance over them psychologically, emotionally, physically. It comes in the form of humiliation all the way down to physical violence or sexual violence," said Burton.

Burton said these assaults are generally planned and drawn out.

"It's a methodical plan to hurt that person to the point that they see that pain and suffering because that's where the arousal comes," Burton said.

Burton said the irony is in Hamilton's position as a peace officer.

"There is often times where they will impersonate an officer. These people lack conscience and want to be in a position of power," Burton said. "I'm not saying this is an officer's behavior. This is an isolated incident. Officers typically dislike these types of cases the most."

She said around 10 percent of sexual assaults are sadistic, the white shark of assaults, the most difficult cases for law enforcement to investigate.

Burton said any victim of domestic abuse is urged to seek help. The Polk County Sheriff's Office is asking the same.

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