Father Pleased With Indictment

Belinda Lucas Temple
Belinda Lucas Temple
David Temple
David Temple

More than six years ago Nacogdoches native Belinda Lucas Temple was murdered. At the time the 30 year old teacher was in the last stages of her pregnancy with her second child.

An indictment against her husband, former SFA football star David Temple has now been returned. He's accused of killing her.

News from Houston of his son in law's murder indictment for his daughter's murder is another crossing on his road to justice for Tom Lucas.

We've got a few more months to wait, but I've been waiting for years. Hopefully the right thing will come out of it," said Lucas.

The trial of his former son in law, David Temple could happen as early as September.

On Wednesday Harris County Major Offenders Division Chief Kelly Siegler must turn over her evidence to defense attorney Dick Deguerin.

Some of that evidence will be information about gunshot residue found on David Temple's clothing. FBI tests show it matches the gunshot residue found on the clothes Belinda Temple was wearing when she was killed.

Lucas is pleased the case has been turned over to Siegler. "She's known as the 'drama queen' of the courtroom. She's a prosecutor with 95% conviction rate, with 17 people on death row right now," said Lucas.

But there's also the talent of Deguerin who will represent David Temple. "Kelly Siegler has beat his butt before and I feel she's quite capable of doing it again," said Lucas.

Lucas has never spoken with so much confidence about his daughter's murder case. For years he's kept the case open before investigators and prosecutors.

Now he has people coming to him for the story. "I've been contacted by a Hollywood producer wanting to possibly do a movie on this in the future, possibly a book. But these are things that are all going to come later."

It's a decision Lucas is not making right now. He has two priorities. First, see David Temple convicted. Second, be able to see his daughter's son. Since the murder he's never seen the young boy.

"These are some of the last pictures I had of my grandson, Evan," pointed out Lucas. The pictures remain on his desk right beside a poem about his attributes as a father. It was the last gift he received from Belinda.