Wisc. pipeline company bringing 600 workers to Crockett

Wisc. pipeline company bringing 600 workers to Crockett

CROCKETT, TX (KTRE) - A Wisconsin based pipeline company will be bringing 600 workers to Crockett.

According to Crockett Economic Development Executive Director Tom Lambert, Precision Pipeline has worked out a deal to use 28 acres of land at the city's industrial park. The city and company officially signed the agreement on October 5.

"The company will be working on a Pipeline for ETC," Lambert said. "The plant will liquify raw natural gas. The plant is located west of Crockett."

Lambert said the pipeline company would bring in up to 600 workers.

"This is a union job, so these workers have already been hired," Lambert said. "That does not mean there won't be an impact on our economy. They will be eating out here and shopping here. Since these workers are part of a union they also have benefits which means they won't plague our hospital."

Lambert said it is unclear how much economic impact the workers will be bring to the area.

"You can imagine it should be good for us," Lambert said. "They will be here for 8-12 months. This is no little job. They will have a big base of operations here in Crockett."

Houston County Judge Erin Ford said the impact would extend beyond the city limits of Crockett. Ford believes the impact will be strong for the county as well.

"The Lone Star Express Pipeline is going to be integral to Houston County's economic future," Ford said. "I have roughly estimated that if all of the workers live on the local economy, we will receive $15 million in revenue and local sales tax."

Lambert said a leadership team from Precision Pipeline is already in town and is working on getting the site ready. Lambert said within the next 30 days the workers should show up.

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