International car audio competition headed to Lufkin

International car audio competition headed to Lufkin
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Car audio enthusiasts around the world have their sights set on the Pineywoods this Saturday and Sunday for the United States Auto-Sound Competition International. Typically held in larger cities – this year it'll be held right here in Lufkin.

"You know people love their music, no matter where you go and no matter how it's set up," said Lance Hall, owner of Pure Energy Audio.

And that couldn't be any truer for Lance Hall – who's worked his way through the ranks of the car audio industry since he was 15.

"Some like it louder and some are focused on how clean and clear it is. And this competition gives both of those groups of people chances to get in and compete against other people who have the same interests," Hall said.

That competition is the United States Auto-Sound Competition International 2015 World Finals – or simply USACI for short. Usually held in bigger cities like Nashville and Kansas City – this year it's headed right here to Lufkin.

"It's overwhelming almost trying to get everything ready. It's always a lot of pressure going to the world finals. It being here, in Lufkin, in front of all my friends and family and hometown people, adds that much more pressure," Hall said.

Hall and his crew took home first place last year in Nashville and expect to do so again.

"Bang! I mean make it loud and see who can get the loudest," said Randy Capps.

Thousands are expected from all over – leaving behind a significant boost to the Lufkin economy.

"Every little bit of injection and excitement that you can bring to a town where it hasn't been a lot to look forward to economy-wise around here," Hall said.

It's a booming industry – with lots of moving parts.

"The amount of work that goes into these cars is just crazy," Hall said.

And even crazier, the amount of money that goes into them.

"Way, way up there. Easily between the two of them, probably a good 40 to 50," said Ellis Jackson.

"It's a true passion, it's a love for music, it's a love for cars," Hall said.

The USACI 2015 world finals are this Saturday and Sunday at the George H. Henderson Jr. Expo Center in Lufkin. Gates open at 10 am.

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