Polk County officials hoping for grant to restore courthouse

Polk County officials hoping for grant to restore courthouse
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

POLK COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Renovations are underway at one East Texas courthouse and county officials are hoping to receive more grant money to further the project. County officials say it's not about adding something new, but rather about restoring the unique history that's already there.

"Doesn't it make you wonder, who walked through this building," said Polk County Judge Sydney Murphy.

It's likely a question with an unknown amount of answers. The courthouse here in Livingston, built in 1923, has served Polk County for 92 years. And with just one look around, the signs of age show.

"Remember that old tile that was in your grandmother's house," Murphy said.

The courthouse has already been declared an historic place by the National Register of Historic Places and now 10 years later, work continues to ensure the structure's appeal reflects that.

"I think part of it is recognizing where you've been a society and acknowledging it. If it was good, bad, ugly or indifferent, it is what it is," Murphy said.

The county is once again in the process of applying for grant money to be used for exactly that, restoring a faded history.

From raising the ceilings to their original height to swapping out the modern carpet for a design truer to one of the 1920's, designs many may argue are not as visually appealing.

"I think part of it is going to be how much you embrace that, how you decorate it, or what other colors you pick. And let's face it, the mustard yellows, the sage greens, that red were all big colors back then," Murphy said.

And soon it will be out with the new and in with the old, all in the name of history.

County officials hope to have their grant application submitted sometime in December.

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