Lufkin Adult Day Center uses coloring as a therapeutic activity

Lufkin Adult Day Center uses coloring as a therapeutic activity

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A childhood pastime is now helping us in our adult life. Coloring is a new therapeutic science for adults. The adult center right here in deep East Texas uses the new trend to help relax their patients.

"It's suitable for all, the young and the old adults," Angela Yarbrough, activity director at the Lufkin Adult Day Center said.

"I love to color," Linda Houston-Mark, a patient at the Lufkin Adult Day Center said.

Research has proven that coloring for adults has quite a few benefits. The Adult Day Center in Lufkin uses coloring as tool to sharpen some dull skills.

"Using hand and eye coordination it enhances their motor and sensory skills," Yarbrough said.

Take it from Linda, who suffered brain damage after being in a car wreck 16 years ago, coloring is a way to let out stress.

"When I'm coloring that lets me relieve my frustration," Linda said.

"It makes them real relaxed when they're coloring," Yarbrough said. "They get to express themselves and their feelings. They like choosing what coloring to use."

Linda said her favorite colors are blue and red, but she doesn't let that get in the way of a good shading.

"I think about the holiday season, I love to coincide for the holiday," Linda said. "So for November I think turkeys, thanksgiving."

In a world that is turning completely digital, Yarbrough said this is away for adults to disconnect.

"It is a therapeutic activity and it gives them a sense of peace," Yarbrough said.

Some advantages of coloring is, it trains your brain to stay focus and reduces stress and anxiety.

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