Nacogdoches artist plans to beautify downtown with mural

Nacogdoches artist plans to beautify downtown with mural
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - If you've been traveling to downtown Nacogdoches lately, you've probably notice some new art work. The freelance artist Tyson Davis, is leaving his mark on the oldest town in Texas.
"I've done artwork my entire life, drawing and sketching," Davis said.

This Nacogdoches native had lost his passion for art, but has recently found new motivation to continue creating art.

"When my daughters were born it made me realize there is something greater about my life than just working a job," Davis said.

So he decided to pick up a paint brush again. Since the birth of his daughters Davis has been actively working on art pieces. His latest project is a mural in downtown Nacogdoches, which he said is his first of this magnitude.

Davis said his love for his home town is the influence for the mural.

"Being from Nacogdoches, just wanting to do something for the city and inspire the entire city," Davis said.

With paint and passion, Davis's mural will show the evolution of the oldest town in Texas.

"Progression has happened and the city has grown," Davis said. "Nacogdoches is a real beautiful place for those who want to come."

When he's out painting near one of the busiest streets in Nacogdoches Davis said the sound of the cars passing gives him drive.

"It's a meditation for me; it takes away the stress of life," Davis said. "The weight of the world seems to lift off of you when you apply paint to a canvas."

Davis relates artistry to everyday life.

"Every canvas is different, it's just like life and situations," Davis said. "Every life situation is different. It takes a different color and different brush stroke."

Davis said he's looking for young artist to collaborate for future projects. If you're interested, you can reach out to him.

Davis contact information:

Cell: 832-277-5336


Instagram: artistlife_one1

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