New Nacogdoches boutique, event venue breathes new life into old warehouse

New Nacogdoches boutique, event venue breathes new life into old warehouse
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - A Nacogdoches native, just back home from living in New York City, is bringing a touch of the Big Apple to Downtown Nacogdoches.

Spring and Prince is a new boutique and event venue housed in a renovated pre-1900s tobacco warehouse.

Claire Crisp used to tell New York City cab drivers to take her to Spring and Prince, streets in the middle of the Big Apple's SOHO fashion district. She still goes to Spring and Prince, the name of her boutique located in downtown Nacogdoches.

"I came back because I love this town and this community and the people and you know when I first moved back, the first thing I thought to myself was, 'I have to have somewhere to shop," Crisp said.

The shopping spree started with Claire's parents purchasing and renovating an 1891 tobacco warehouse located a block off Main Street.

"It was a fun project," Crisp said.

Claire's contractor parents, Kim and Angie Crisp, took extra steps to maintain the industrial look of the original building.

"This is the original door. These are the beams that hold the structure," Kim said. "They are original."

However, Kim's pride and joy, next to his daughter of course, is the renovation of two of the oldest hand pulled elevators in Texas.

"It is a good way to get a workout," Kim said.

The second floor is now the Tobacco Warehouse events venue. Claire is booking the spacious room and full kitchen for weddings, showers and special events.

The new decor fits the vintage style.

"They look like what would see in Grand Central Station," Claire said.

Claire describes Spring and Prince as a lifestyle store.

"So you have home goods, and you have hand lotions, and tote bags," Claire said. "You can buy a lamp or a throw pillow. So more of a lifestyle store instead of just clothing."

It all makes a mother proud.

"She's learned so much about the fashion industry and about talent," Angie said. "She picked out all this merchandise and did a great job on the clothing articles and I think if people come in, they'll really enjoy it."

Claire and her staff are gearing up for Black Friday, but they say any day will offer a unique shopping experience in a unique building.

If you'd like to check out Spring and Prince, it's located on North Pecan, a block off Nacogdoches Main Street.

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