Polk Co. lady rescues near-death dog; advises others to spay and neuter

Polk Co. lady rescues near-death dog; advises others to spay and neuter
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

LEGGETT, TX (KTRE) - A puppy left for dead on New Year's Eve has one East Texas animal lover pleading for change.

"He was behind a tire on the side of the road and he truly looked like a skeleton because he was just gray," said Karen Pruitt.

Someone had done the unthinkable, leaving the little guy alone in the bitter New Year's Eve cold. Near-death; going without food or water for who knows how long.

"Um, no hair as you can see. But when I got out and said 'hey, come here' he came right to me, crawled to me. So I knew at that point, we were done, he was mine," Pruitt said.

Crawling; the best the puppy could do considering his number of health problems.

"We went in on Saturday and got an analysis of how bad it was. It was red mange and a broken leg," Pruitt said.

Enough to deter almost anyone from taking own such a responsibility, but not Pruitt.

"Well, he needed us, you know, it was as simple as that. Poor thing, nobody was going to take care of him, I knew that and we were able to do it," Pruitt said.

And oh the number of heart's he's stolen. Pruitt's puppy posts on Facebook have garnered support from hundreds of well-wishers.

"It just went crazy or "viral" as they would say," Pruitt said.

Folks from as close Livingston, Texas to as far as Belgium in Western Europe, many closely following the pup's progress. Even naming him "Skinny Pup".

"It really shows care and compassion throughout, you know? I mean, I knew I had dog friends all over the place and cat friends, but they really stepped up," Pruitt said.

Stepping up with over $3,000 in donations. But for Pruitt, there is a deeper message to be spread.

"There are millions of dogs out there around the world that need a home. And I think that if we really took the time to spay and neuter them, I think it would be so much better for everybody," Pruitt said.

'Skinny Pup' is due back for a follow-up appointment next week to check on his broken leg and infection.

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