Center gas leak sparks fire

Center gas leak sparks fire
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

CENTER, TX (KTRE) - The Center Fire Department responded to a gas leak that sparked Thursday morning and caused flames.

A normal day's work in Center was interrupted by an explosion.

"We received a call of some type of explosion on Shelbyville St.," said Chief Keith Byndom with the Center Fire Department.

"Do we need to evacuate?" asked Kathy Hagler, the H & S Food Store Office Manager.

It was the sound of an explosion followed by the smells of a natural gas leak.

"We called the fire department, and they came down here. The flames got really really big," Hagler said.

There are lines are drawn around the city on the sidewalk for a project to make sidewalks hand-cap accessible. Byndom said the contracting company cutting between these lines struck a high-pressure gas line.

"It must have been a pretty good sized hole because you could see it from here," Hagler said.

"With the wrong humidity, the gas could lay low and go somewhere and find an ignition point. It could be bad," Byndom said.

Byndom said the gas is now escaping vertically and is not a threat for danger.

"Gas was still coming out even after they had the flames, so it was pretty scary for a while," Hagler said.

Though the flames were frightening, no one was injured. A few businesses nearby were evacuated. They're just happy the flames stopped where they did.

"It could have been very dangerous. I thought it was a serious situation anyway," Byndom said.

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