Local Facebook group admin responds to company's gun control policy

Local Facebook group admin responds to company's gun control policy
Source: Facebook's Prohibited Content
Source: Facebook's Prohibited Content

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Just a simple search of 'guns for sale' on Facebook yields all sorts of results, many from private sellers. But as of Friday, those posts violate the company's new crackdown on gun sales on its site.

"We have a very large group. We feel like it does a pretty good service to the community," said Matt Davis, administrator of Deep East Texas Classifieds.

Many groups, like Davis' Deep East Texas Classifieds, have become a marketplace for consumers to buy and sell practically anything in a trusted group. But as of Friday guns are no longer among that list which prompted Davis to post a message of his own.

"Basically saying that we will be complying with the new Facebook policies and not allowing guns to be posted on our group," Davis said.

A move that ruffled feathers for some of the groups over 44,000 members.

"People are a little upset; they feel that we're anti-gun. In truth, nearly every admin that we have on the group owns a least one or more guns," Davis said.

The company's prohibited content has been updated to include a ban on any ads that may "promote firearms, ammunition, paintball guns, bb guns…or weapons of any kind". With terms like "Get your ammo here" now deemed unacceptable.

For Davis, complying with the new ban means eliminating the group's risk of being deleted altogether.

"These posts will be removed by Facebook themselves if they're found or if they're reported. In order to keep the number of violations down, we're making it a rule of our own, 'Hey, don't post guns here," Davis said.

Facebook's ban of the private sale of firearms also includes Instagram. Licensed firearm retailers will still be able to post about their goods and services on Facebook.

Transactions of sales will just have to happen off of the social media sites.

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