More Drivers Means More Accidents Over Easter Weekend

If you're traveling anywhere this Easter weekend, you might run into extra traffic. With all the people hitting the road for Easter travels, it can get crowded, and that can cause some major accidents. But there are things you can do to stay safe.

Officer Toby Stanaland of the Lufkin Police Department said, "keep their seatbelts on, wear them correctly, make sure the kids are all buckled in properly, and watch their speed. Obey the posted speed limits."

It's also not enough just to be a good driver yourself, you still have to watch out for everyone else sharing the road.

Stanaland said, "keep your eye on the road, look ahead, anticipate your stops coming into towns, red lights, any other traffic hazards."

Traffic hazards including traffic jams and fast moving drivers. You should also be prepared when heading through any town that's unfamiliar to you because you might miss that speed limit sign and have to pay a ticket, or even worse, get into an accident.

"They have their mind on other things such as where they're going to, who they're going to see, talking on cell phones," said Stanaland.

All things to avoid to keep your Easter weekend safe.

It doesn't look like the weather will make travel any easier this weekend. The last 5 Easter weekends in East Texas have included severe weather. Some of these storms were even strong enough to produce tornadoes.

With more bad weather possibly on the way, this Easter weekend might continue that bad weather streak.