Widespread damage reported in Tyler Co.

Published: Apr. 27, 2016 at 1:58 PM CDT|Updated: Apr. 27, 2016 at 9:21 PM CDT
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TYLER COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Wednesday's storm has brought widespread damage to Tyler County, according to an emergency official.

Acting Emergency Management Coordinator Dale Freeman said multiple homes have been damaged in the communities of Spurger, Ivanhoe and Harmony.

Freeman said no fatalities have been reported, but there are several minor injuries from trees falling into houses.

Freeman said chainsaw crews are out, working to get trees off roads and power companies are working to restore power to many homes.

Tari Rawls in the Harmony community said her son was sleeping when a tree crashed through their home around 5:55 a.m. and landed on her son, who suffered just a scratch to his forehead. She said they waited out the storm before crawling out of a window.

"I could hear the actual storm coming," Rawls said. "It sounded like a freight train coming through."

"Water flooding through the house, storming and lightning, I could tell the tree was in the living room through the kitchen, through his room," she said.

Two massive trees uprooted and landing in her home. Her son, with only a scratch on his head, waited out the storm until they could exit out of a window.

"I'm just very thankful and blessed that my child was alive because I honestly didn't think he was," Rawls said.

Up the road in Woodville, a tree fell into Dr. Caleb Spurlock's home.

"We were unable to get out of our house," Spurlock said. A tree had also fallen onto his dental practice.

It was the result of severe weather crashing into Woodville. Residents agree they didn't see this coming.

"It just picked up fierce and things just started hitting the house," said Randi Clow.

"I didn't realize stuff like this was going to happen," Megan Clow said.

"We heard a big crash and ran outside," Randi Clow said. "The whole pole, the transformer, everything was in the middle of the road."

It was a sound heard throughout the county. Trees trounced the streets.

"The tree fell and when it did, it shook my house," Randi Clow said. "That's how hard it fell, and then we heard glass."

The National Weather Service is sending a meteorologist up to survey the damage in Tyler County Thursday.

They'll determine if it was a tornado or straight-line winds that caused these damages.

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