Lufkin company unveils new all-American, Lufkin made pumping unit

Lufkin company unveils new all-American, Lufkin made pumping unit
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - There was a huge victory for Lufkin as a local company unveiled its brand-new pumping unit. The CEO behind it all said he's most proud that the pumping unit and its components were all from Lufkin and America.

"It's kind of a tradition. It's 100 years old as far as pumping units are concerned," said Lufkin Mayor Bob Brown.

The oilfield icon was brought to life, patented, and produced right here in Lufkin.

"The pumping unit was first created here by Mr. Trout back in the early 1900's," said Scott Slusher, PID's CEO and President.

Now, nearly a century later, PID in Lufkin has unveiled its own pumping unit.

"Other manufacturers have gone to making 100 percent Chinese products or components made in China, and this is an American-made pumping unit," Slusher said.

"There's good promise here. There will be some good things coming out if this, and I'm looking forward to them," Brown said.

The pumping unit is bringing it all back home and bringing the nostalgia of the tradition born in Lufkin to become a worldwide standard.

"I just want to be able to continue that tradition," Slusher said.

"Good news will change a lot of attitudes in Lufkin and Angelina County, and I'm looking forward to that," Brown said.

Slusher said as the demand for their product goes up, the more room PID will have for new employees.

"We were looking for ways to bring back manufacturing jobs to Lufkin and Angelina County," Slusher said.

State and city officials commended the company for being a part of what they think is a monumental moment.

"A lot of people said we couldn't do it, and the expertise didn't exist in Angelina County to start something new again," Slusher said.

The company proved that a piece of Lufkin's legacy can still be made here in the Pineywoods.

The CEO said PID has been designing the pumping unit for the past six months. Additional designs, models, and sizes will follow the original.

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