Lufkin woman overcomes years of childhood obesity, becomes trainer

Lufkin woman overcomes years of childhood obesity, becomes trainer
(Source: KTRE Staff)
(Source: KTRE Staff)
(Source: KTRE Staff)
(Source: KTRE Staff)

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A Lufkin woman who struggled with obesity from Kindergarten to high school said her life took a change for the better when she took control of it. Amanda King fought a battle that thousand of East Texans are fighting right now.

It was an obstacle in health paired with self-worth.

"At 15 years old, I came to my rock bottom. I had been bullied from Kindergarten all the way to 9th grade, and I had just had enough," said Amanda King, a part-time trainer.

Amanda King saw that her contentment found in food had to be replaced when she reached 225 pounds as an adolescent.

"I was in such a state of depression. I was so lonely and hurting, and because of that, I turned to food," King said. "It was definitely comfort, I think I turned to food to comfort me and hide the emotions I was going through and the pain."

Her breakthrough came after reading a weight loss book and deciding to take control of her health.

"I started walking around my block, worked up to running, had a trampoline. I just basically started moving," King said.

The baby steps lead her down a path of victory. With time, self-love and confidence matched up with her new found value of health.

"That was another journey I had to go through. Loving myself and not letting the way people treated me affect how I felt about myself," King said.

Now, she's a part time trainer to those in need of motivation.

"You can look at stats. The obesity rate is every year going up, especially in young children," King said.

Amanda knows obesity is not a fight that she was fighting alone.

"It's now about health, not even so much a number. It's absolutely something people are struggling with," King said.

As she continues to sweat off her painful past, she has this message for anyone struggling with his or her weight.

"I'm so passionate about people just seeing that they are worth it. I would say that to anyone struggling in this area. You are an over-comer and you can start making changes," King said. "Anyone can do it. If you had told me years ago that I'd be where I am today, I would not have believed it."

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