Livingston dog shot, abandoned, saved by rescue group

Livingston dog shot, abandoned, saved by rescue group
Source: Alayna Matranga
Source: Alayna Matranga
Source: Alayna Matranga
Source: Alayna Matranga
Source: Alayna Matranga
Source: Alayna Matranga

POLK COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - A Lake Livingston dog is healing today after an amputation from his hind leg up to his hip. The dog was found shot, abandoned, and starving. Onlookers said he was in this condition for over two weeks. Members of K9Kare Rescue Group in Alvin took a leap of faith to save this dog's life.

It was a picture that put a yearning in Alayna Matranga's heart.

The member of the Alvin K9Kare Rescue Group came across the heart-wrenching photo of a pup in a Facebook message.

A man named Bryant Provence was on vacation in Lake Livingston and sent the picture hoping that someone with more expertise could come out to rescue the dog. Provence said none of the large companies would lend a helping hand to save the dog.

Matranga and members of her K9Kare team set out to drive two hours and save the dog, despite their limited funds and number of volunteers. They asked supporters on social media to pray for them and support them as the dog would most likely need to have surgery.

Matranga said she believes that the prayers worked.

"We're going to be all night looking for this dog, but we are not leaving here without it," said Matranga as they realized how heavily wooded the area was.

They took a wrong turn and found him lying on the porch of an abandoned house. Within 30 minutes, the dog was spotted with open wounds. It was lying on a makeshift bed made of trash.

"I was so disappointed in humanity for letting it go for two weeks," Matranga said. "I could smell his wounds."

There was carpet matted into his gunshot wounds and bones protruding from his tick-ridden fur. Matranga is heard weeping in the touching video before they took him home.

"He was lying in a bed of trash that he made for himself. He was welcoming and visibly thankful that we were there," she said.

As of now, there are no leads on the persons responsible as the injury took place weeks ago.

The dog's leg was amputated thanks to the hearts of a few willing to go the extra mile to help. The rescue group took him back and went to a vet tech's home. Family Animal Hospital of Friendswood and Jennie Hendricks gave the dog IV fluids and pain medication.

When he got to the vet, they did an X-ray that revealed metal in his body. It appeared that someone had shot him with a shotgun several times.

He got a hind leg up to the hip amputated. On Thursday, he was walking around wagging his tell and will be going home today to a foster mom to move around and gain strength.

His name is Livingston because that's where K9Kare found him and the word "living" is in the name of the dog they've deemed a fighter and survivor.

"If you see an animal in need and can't do anything yourself, find someone who can. Social media is a powerful tool to find someone who can help," Matranga said.

Matranga set up a gofundme account just as they hit the road and headed to Livingston. They asked for prayers and help to pay for a surgery. Within a few days, the account has raised over $5,000.

Livingston already has two applications for adoption.

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