Polk county inmate dead, family blames jail

Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Published: Nov. 15, 2016 at 11:03 PM CST|Updated: Nov. 15, 2016 at 11:10 PM CST
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Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

LIVINGSTON, TX (KTRE) - The Texas Rangers are investigating the death of Polk County inmate, Antwuan Bogany, whose family question if he was given proper medical treatment while in the jails custody.

Bogany has been in jail for drug charges since August 29th, but last week his family said they received a phone call from another inmate notifying them something was wrong.

"An inmate called me telling us we needed to check on him because he passed by his room in a wheelchair slumped over," said Bogany's mother, Judy Bogany. "I just wanted some answers, I just wanted to know he was okay, but he wasn't."

The family said they spent days calling the Polk County Jail and were never given clear answers. Bogany's sister, Tashara Garner said along with her mother they desperately tried to contact law enforcement.

"There was no miscommunication, there just wasn't any communication at all," Garner said. "We had been calling all night, got the run around, got up early and still no answer until finally when we showed our face they told us he was at the ER."

The family said they now wonder if he was given timely, and proper medical treatment from the time he notified them something was wrong.

"One of his cell mates said he had been complaining for hours that his head was hurting, that his vision was blurred, and he was dizzy," Garner said. "They could have handled this very differently."

DPS released a statement saying they had been informed he was sick on November 10th, but he was not transported for treatment until the following morning. A press release explained what the Texas Rangers will begin investigating.

"According to the preliminary investigation, Antwaun Bogany, 32, of Livingston, reported a medical issue to jail staff. The issue was brought to the attention of jail staff on the night of Nov. 10; Bogany was transported to a local hospital for treatment during the morning hours of Nov. 11. He was then transferred by helicopter to Kingwood Hospital where he later died. An autopsy has been ordered to determine the cause of death."

The family said they have many unanswered questions and do not understand why they havent been contacted about the investigation.

"I'm hurt, and I'm very angry with Polk County law enforcement. Every inmate in that jail is a human being that deserves proper medical attention," Bogany said. "I hope none of their children have to go through what I am going through now because I have a pain that I can't even explain."

The family is hoping to find the answers to their questions that can help them understand what happened, and prevent it from happening again.

"I am hoping that it will save someone else's life, because he's gone there is nothing that I can do," Bogany said. "But if it can save somebody else I will be satisfied, if I can make it better for someone else's life."

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