East Texas deputy receives Christmas miracle with successful double-lung transplant

East Texas deputy receives Christmas miracle with successful double-lung transplant
Source: Amanda Blank
Source: Amanda Blank
Source: Amanda Blank

JASPER COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - The Blank family received their Christmas miracle in the form of two new lungs for the father of three fighting for his life.

"At Christmas you have to keep faith, you have to keep hope. At one point all hope was lost for us, the doctors said there was nothing left for them to do," said Glenn Blank's wife, Amanda Blank. "But you have to believe in miracles."

Deputy Glenn Blank is a Jasper County deputy, and a reserve officer for Angelina county sheriff's office.

He has been fighting for his life since December 18th after he suffered lung failure stemming from chemotherapy treatment at a young age.

"Glenn was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma when he was 19 years old, and doctors removed a tumor from between his lungs," Amanda said. "They told him he might encounter problems later in life due to chemotherapy treatment."

They realized something was wrong in May of this year. This began numerous doctors' visits to try and determine what their next step would be to get Glenn healthy again.

"Things got bad around May, and that's when we started applying to get him on the donor transplant list," Amanda said. "On December 18th one of Glenn's lungs collapsed, and we took him to the emergency room in Jasper."

Glenn's coordinator was able to place him on the emergency donor list, and he was transported to a hospital in Houston.

"Even being on the emergency transplant list there are still 120,000 people waiting," Amanda said. "Sometimes it can take weeks, or even months, and some don't even make it that long."

Relying on her faith and family, Amanda said in less than 24 hours of being placed on the transplant list, they received the phone call that would save her husband's life. Several prayer vigil's were held to encourage, and uplift Glenn and his family.

"We had a really bad night. He was getting worse, and I remember my sister coming, and praying over him, and reminding me to keep my faith in him. She really helped me through this time," Amanda said. "Our pastor traveled from our church to pray over him as well, and this is when everything changed for Glenn."

At 5:00AM on December 23rd they received a phone call that a registered organ donor died in Houston. They were almost a perfect match, and Glenn would receive two new lungs in time for Christmas.

"For them to call the next morning was truly a miracle, and we couldn't believe it," Amanda said. "That person saved more than one person's life that day. He donated other organs, so we aren't the only ones who received a Christmas miracle."

Glenn's transplant was set for Christmas eve, and not two days after receiving two new lungs Glenn was walking, and talking.

"It is a miracle, you know you have to believe that a higher power is at works here making this happen," Amanda said.

Glenn is awake and recovering, and said he is so grateful for all of those that prayed for this Christmas that saved his life.

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